Operator Safety Rules and Guidelines for Inflatables             

Your knowledge of this information is part of your Rental Agreement.  
You will be given a printed copy

1.        A responsible adult must supervise the inflatable at all times.

2.        All riders must remove their shoes before entering the inflatable.  

3.        No pets, toys, or sharp objects including eyeglasses, jewelry, badges, and any item that could
scratch the unit or another rider, are permitted in the inflatable.

4.        All riders must slide in a sitting position with feet first.

5.        No food or drinks, candy, gum or glitter are allowed inside the inflatable.

6.        DO NOT USE SILLY-STRING or any other spray string, or FACE PAINT on or near the inflatable.
These products will severely damage the vinyl and result in additional fees to the renter (see
Rental Agreement).

7.        Do not use water on an inflatable unless it is a water ride.

8.        Do not allow riders to do flips or climb on the netting or roof areas.

9.        Do not allow riders to sit or play on the safety step/entrance.

10.      Always insure that the inflatable is not overcrowded, and limit numbers according to the age and
size of the children.  Try to avoid large and small children using it at the same time.

Bounce House           Ages           3 – 8             8 - 12             Teens            Adults
Participants                               Up to 10          Up to 7            Up to 6          Up to 4

COMBO Participants                 Up to 8            Up to 6            Up to 5           Up to 3       

11.       Do not move the inflatable once it has been set up by Inflatables N More personnel.

12.        In the event the blower stops working, ensure that all riders exit the inflatable calmly.  Check the
fuses and make sure the blower tube or deflation tube has not come undone or that something
has not blown onto it and is obstructing the flow of air.  In the event that it overheats, or loses
power, switch the blower off at the main, and then switch it back on in 2 minutes.  This should
restart it.  If the blower does not start, call Inflatables N More immediately at (631) 608-3696 or
(516) 308-2383.

13.        In the event of Rain, keep the unit inflated.  Remove all riders from the inflatable if it becomes
wet.  The bounce houses and combos must not be used when wet!  Vinyl is slippery when wet.
When the rain stops, dry off the inflatable before using.

14.        In the event of winds of 15 mph or more, immediately have all riders exit the inflatable!  Unplug
the blower as soon as all persons have exited, and this will deflate the unit.  When winds have
calmed, plug in the blower to re-inflate.
Inflatables N More
(631) 608-3696     (516) 308-2383
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